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We help your business take-off with coverage in over 190 countries worldwide…

Royale has invested heavily over the last few years to be able to offer a full range of e-commerce solutions to our clients. As the dominant growth sector in our industry at present it is important that we can support such services with the latest tech offerings. Having built up an extensive domestic platform in cities such as Hong Kong and Taipei we are also able to offer international, cross-border solutions with a variety of price and transit options available. At Royale we are committed to keeping up with market trends and this sector is certainly setting them!

Key Benefits:

  • Domestic Pick-Up Drop-off (PUDO) networks
  • Concierge point pick up/payment centres
  • Home delivery solutions
  • Parcel locker solutions
  • Returns solution
  • Online tracking
  • Cross border options
  • Reporting suite

** Note: Royale International Group’s services are subject to office location and may not be applicable to all regions. Please contact your local sales representative for more information.